Sponsor Information

Name: System System

Location: Bw - Germany

Tel No. :


Matrix width: 3

Matrix deep: 5

Cycle entries: No Limit

Ref. Cycle bonus: 50

Revenue Share Reward System
Very Fast 3 X 5 Reward Level System!
Every time you bought a VIP Package the System place you automatically on our Level System!
You already earn from the first level and you can the amount withdrawal!
Referral Commissions
2€ Sponsor Bonus for each member you refer if they bought a VIP Package and every time if bought a new VIP Package.

50€ Additional Sponsor Bonus if your referral completed all five Levels.

Please NOT:
1. Don´t wait to go  to the fifth Level to withdrawal your Money! Upgrade please every Month
2. If you withdrawal any amount you must bought a new  VIP Package, example: Buy --> Earn --> Withdrawal --> Buy 
    all time the same to stay active and you can earn multiple times per Month!

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